Banks Accommodation today

BANKS was named to reflect the building's history:

1870 The first Bank in Queenscliff operated next door at 76 Hesse Street which was built in the early 1870's. By this time most of the shops in Hesse Street had been built. Bank at 76 Hesse St in 1877
Bank at 76 Hesse St in 1877
1873 The Bank of Victoria was opened on the 1st March 1873 by Manager George B Cathcart. He was manager until 1882.
1879 The opening of the Railway down to Queenscliff led to much development in the town. The prominent buildings we see today all appeared within a few years.
1887 A new Bank was erected to the south at 78 Hesse Street. The Bank of Victoria moved into the new building and operated there until it was demolished in the twentieth century. [Note: The Bank of Victoria collapsed in 1991.]
  • The original Bank building remains at 76 Hesse Street and has hosted a variety of businesses. It has been a Pharmacy, Hardware/Nursury and is today a Cafe.
Bank now at 78 Hesse St (post 1887)
Bank now at 78 Hesse St
1954 Plans were drawn up for a new Bank at 78 Hesse Street. This included the Bank and residence for the Manager. NAB in 1990
NAB in 1990
1990 By 1990 the Bank was occupied by the National Australia Bank.
1998 By 1998 the building had been sold and plans approved for the residence to be converted into Banks Bed & Breakfast. The Bank had been converted into 2 shops fronting Hesse Street. The National Australia Bank had moved and the Bendigo Bank occupied the larger of the 2 shops. [Note: The Bendigo Bank moved across the road in 2008.]
2007 Banks Bed & Breakfast attained a 4 star rating while it was operated. It was sold in 2007 when the owners retired. It is now available as Banks Accommodation providing self contained accommodation for groups.


Many thanks to the Queenscliffe Historical Museum for their permission to use these photos.